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Date First Name (Dalton) Last Name Occupation Age (Dalton) Parents (Dalton) Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Spouse Occupation Spouse Age Spouses' Parents County Of Record Place of Marriage Comments
18/02/1865 Patrick Dalton widower 53 of Patrick Dalton, Ballinulty, Longford Mary Reilly 30 of Lawrence Reilly, Cartronfree, Cavan Cavan Granard RD
15/2/1795 Cathy Dalton John Webster Carlow Borris RC, Carlow PLU
27/1/1798 Garet Dalton Cathy Joyce Carlow Kilmison, Carlow PLU
22/12/1804 Carlow Betty Dalton, witness to marriage of Patrick Joyce & Nancy Phelan
8/2/1828 Bridget Dalton Martin Murphy Carlow Forestertown, Carlow PLU
5/11/1828 Mary Dalton Mathew Joyce Carlow Ballyline, Carlow PLU Mary died at age 38 on 26 Oct. 1847 at Ballyroughan and buried at St. Patrick Cemetery in Ballymurphy
2/5/1833 Michael Dalton Judy Gregan Carlow Leighlinbridge, Carlow PLU
20/2/1855 Redmond Dalton Catherine Nolan Carlow Borris, Carlow PLU
16/11/1863 James Dalton Ann McCull Carlow Hacketstown, Shillelagh PLU
8/2/1864 Bridget Dalton 29 of Thomas Dalton, farmer, Mullanaskeagh Thomas Fenton 35 of Martin Fenton, Newton Carlow New Ross RD
9/2/1864 Mary Dalton of John Dalton, farmer, Ardoyne John Cleary of William Cleary, Tullow Carlow Carlow RD
21/2/1865 Michael Dalton of John Dalton, farmer, Ardoyne Mary Mulhall of Thomas Mulhall, Tullow at Carlow Carlow RD
23/4/1866 Thomas Dalton shoemaker 25 of John Dalton, miller Mary Doyle 20 of Denis Doyle Carlow Hacketstown, Shillelagh RD
11/2/1868 Patrick Dalton farmer 21 of James Dalton, Newton Maria Gahan 23 of John Gahan, Coolyhune Carlow New Ross RD
12/6/1869 Martin Dalton carpenter 50 of Patrick Dalton, farmer, Ballyclomack Cathrine Quigley 45 of Michael Quigley, Ballinaberra Carlow at New Ross RD both unmarried
29/10/1872 Bridget Dalton of John Dalton, shoemaker Thomas Doyle of Denis Doyle Carlow at Hacketstown, Shillelagh RD
18/2/1873 Martin Dalton of Edward Dalton, farmer, Ballyine Mary Shaughnessy of Edward Shaughnessy, Kyle, Wicklow Carlow New Ross RD
22/2/1873 Gerald Dalton 25 of Michael Dalton, farmer, Headfield, Mullannagaun Elizabeth Fenton of John Fenton, of Rocksavage Carlow New Ross RD
14/6/1877 Bridget Dalton of Andrew Dalton, farmer, Closh Lawrence Doyle of Mathew Dalton, Ballyroughan Carlow New Ross RD
13/7/1878 John Dalton of John Dalton, Carrigacrow Anne Smith of William Smith, basket maker, Hacketstown Carlow Shillelagh RD